The modern way of reporting with Qlik®




Web Interface

Completely new web interface, so local desktop client installations are no longer required.

HTTPS Support

Native HTTPS support, making it easy to fetch information in the hub quickly with a secure connection.

Custom Users

Administrators and report designers no longer need a Windows user.

Global administration

Global management of users, user groups and variables (no longer per repository). 

Centralized Server-Services

All reports are now generated on the server and all tasks are run on the server (in previous versions, previews were generated locally - this is now no longer necessary).

Filter logic

New filter logic that prevents incompatible filters from removing previously set filters (and thus incorrectly filtered reports).

Report Editor

Completely new report designer, who no longer needs local administrator rights and massively simplifies the report designing. 


Fully redesigned, enterprise-grade API to connect to Mail & Deploy and request reports.

Error logs

Improved error messages to give users better information about what steps are required to resolve the error.

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Modern look and feel

Mail & Deploy 3.0 comes with a more polished look and feel. We have optimized all dashboards and dialogues and made user guidance even more intuitive. 

A new self-service experience

The new Hub web UI offers a simpler navigation, more information at a glance, report previews and enhanced filter options as well as HTTPS support.

Report designing made easy

Our new report designer gives you a head start by offering a new interface that is intuitive and fun to use. You can build professional reports by simply dragging and dropping different report elements



Is it possible to adapt the new version to the CI colors?

Yes, it is possible to adapt all CSS elements in the Mail & Deploy web interface to the CI and also to create and adapt custom themes. It is also possible to adapt the styles in the extension.

Is there a migration path?

Yes, there is a migration path with which old repositories can be imported automatically up to 100%. In some constellations, however, manual rework is necessary. However, this will be limited.

In this version, can you check the error logs when generating previews?

Yes, the log is displayed in the preview and can now also be saved. In version 2 there was sometimes the case that the error logs disappear too quickly, even with successful logs. This is no longer the case with the new version 3.0.

Is there already a new price list?

No changes in the pricing scheme are currently planned.

Does the existing customer have to expect upgrade costs?

According to our policy, previous investments are taken into account and, if necessary, only the difference must be paid. This means that an existing customer receives version 3.0, which corresponds to his old version of Mail & Deploy (with all parallelizations and the number of recipients). There will be additional information on this separately.

How do you import a report from a previous version? Are all the components imported and presented in their corresponding area?

You can import a repository from a previous version of Mail & Deploy into the new one. This will be done automatically up to 100%. The automation will take all the data of repository (tasks, users, reports, datasources) and import it as a new workspace into Mail & Deploy version 3.0. In some constellations manual rework is necessary. However, this will be limited.

What are the changes in the installation folders? For example, the license is currently stored in \\Mail & Deploy\Server\Data\Licensing

There is only one installation folder now because locally you only have your web browser. And the report designer is just stored in a Temp folder. So it does not require any installation. The license file is now longer a file that you have to place in a folder. The licensing is now done by applying an activation key during the installation.

Are there any changes in the HUB?

We have a more intuitive and better user interface with a simpler navigation, more information at a glance, report previews and enhanced filter options as well as HTTPS support. In addition, you can now supply multiple values for one report parameter. There will be new user interface elements too. In the previous version it was only possible to have free text fields or dropdown fields. You will now have the possibility to have a calendar in order to select dates and browsable parameters as well.

How does the new version handle section access in QlikView? If a person is creating a report based on a data source filtered with section access, what data will be shown on the final report sent from the server?

Basically, Mail & Deploy accesses QlikView with the service user you defined in the installation process. If you want to filter the data for a specific user, based on their section access, you have to manually put a filter into the preparation actions.

To migrate from the previous version, can both versions coexist on the same server?

Yes, both versions can be run on one server. The Windows service that runs the new server has a different name than the previous one. All you have to take care of is that you have different ports. The old and the new Mail & Deploy version cannot run on the same port. We highly recommend to firstly install the new release to a test environment and then roll it out as soon as the final release is ready for production.

Is Alerting still possible in the new Version?

Alerting is possible in Mail & Deploy out-of-the-box. You can trigger the execution of a task once a reload of a QlikSense app is finished.

Will it be possible to cascade tasks?

That will be possible in release 3.0.

Do you have further questions?

Please reach out to us at